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Many people have questioned the necessity and purpose of the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. I’d be a liar if I said I’ve never had the same thought.

However, the Government have made it clear that the role is here to stay, so my view is that if you’re going to have a PCC they MUST be effective and actually make a difference.

My motivation for standing for election in the 2021 PCC elections is based on a genuine and deep rooted care for the Wiltshire Public that I served for 30 years. I genuinely care about making sure that the Police Officers and Police Staff have the necessary managerial support, funding, resources and equipment to carry out their vital role.

The fundamental rule of the Police service is to be politically impartial, so I fail to see how a politically aligned candidate can be impartial, and make an impact with little or no understanding of policing in the first place.

I have seen candidates state they will not interfere in Operational Policing. But how can you effectively both support and hold to account the Police service without understanding the unique challenges of  Operational Policing?

However, I’m also aware not to unnecessarily encroach into the responsibilities of the Chief Constable.

I have a proven track record of success and making a difference. Whether this be in my Policing career, my charitable works, my boxing coaching in the community, or running my businesses.   

I have a proven track record of managing poorly performing demoralised teams and turning them into highly motivated successful teams.

In the same way as I am always the first to acknowledge good work, I am not afraid to challenge poor performance, and not afraid to hold people to account.

I am a very open and honest person who does not ‘paper over the cracks’ and I have no fear of challenging those who hold senior positions of authority when it is necessary to do so. Similarly, if I feel that responsibility for certain tasks does not lie with the Police, then I will speak out to say so.

The public has to understand that we live in financially challenging times in terms of budgets allocated to Police by Government, but I am not afraid to approach central Government and ask for increased funding rather than having to resort to increasing council tax precepts.


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