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The Police need the support of the public and other agencies to reduce crime and disorder.

Agencies and voluntary groups who support substance misuse, homelessness, domestic abuse and other social issues are critical to making communities safer. I will ensure that the Police continue to support and work within Community Safety Partnerships.

Community partnerships play an important role in helping to reduce crime and disorder, supporting victims and providing facilities, schemes and projects to help the people of Wiltshire .

I will continue to support and encourage such schemes with appropriate funding to help reduce the impact of crime on our communities.

I have seen the positive impact that sport can have on diverting youth away from the wrong path and it is important to encourage and support the establishment of sporting activities in the county and provide opportunities which may not be currently present.

I am very keen to divert offenders away from criminal activity and will actively seek opportunities with employers to establish schemes where offenders can be integrated into working life.

I will also engage the business community to assist with potential sponsorship to assist in funding projects within the community.

There are many benevolent people and organisations in our communities who are willing to support, fund and engage in such projects and this is something I will enocurage and support.


Victims and witnesses are at the heart of the criminal justice system. All too often we hear stories of how victims feel they have been let down by the justice system. They feel poorly treated, and anxious about coming forward and about going to court.

I will ensure that victims receive the best possible service they can, I will achieve this by engaging with the the various partnerships within  the Justice system. I will support and look to provide appropriate funding to witness care programmes.

I will also work with Chief Officers to improve awareness for all police staff on providing the best possible service. This will have a positive impact on victims and will improve  a relationship of trust and ultimately assist in enhancing the justice system.

Those who witness crimes should also be afforded as much care and protection they need,

I will ensure that any witness intimidation is dealt with robustly and offenders prosecuted.

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