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The Police are funded by the tax payer and it is essential that every penny is put to the most effective use.

Wiltshire has one of the lowest centrally allocated Policing budgets. Why is that and who is ‘fighting their corner ? No-one from what I can see.

Funding needs to provide Wiltshire Police Officers and Staff with the necessary resources, training and equipment, as well as ensuring the people of Wiltshire get the high standard of service they expect.

Recent requests have been made to the taxpayers of Wiltshire for additional contributions in their Council Tax. I believe the required money can be found in more efficient spending of existing finances and making savings from unnecessary expenditure.

I will lobby central Government to increase funding,  invest in its Police service and keep its people safe.

Despite soundbites to the contrary, there has been substantial under-investment in Policing for decades, and the Government has to now accept that this cannot continue.

I will closely scrutinise all Police expenditure, including that within the office of PCC, to ensure that money is only spent on improving service to the public whether that be in terms of resources, estate, assets or technology. I will ensure money is spent on ‘need to have’ areas as opposed to ‘nice to have’.

On behalf of Wiltshire tax payers, I weill encourage effective partnerships so as to make the best use of resources.

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