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The Police are funded by the tax payer and it is essential that every penny is put to the most effective use.

Wiltshire has one of the lowest centrally allocated Policing budgets. Why is that and who is ‘fighting their corner ? No-one from what I can see.

Funding needs to provide Wiltshire Police Officers and Staff with the necessary resources, training and equipment, as well as ensuring the people of Wiltshire get the high standard of service they expect.

Recent requests have been made to the taxpayers of Wiltshire for additional contributions in their Council Tax.

I believe the required money can be found in more efficient spending of existing finances and making savings from unnecessary expenditure.


I want to support the building of a state of the art Police Training Centre in Wiltshire that will be privately funded and run for the benefit our Armed Police Officers.  With the growing number of incidents of terrorism being reported year-on-year, it is crucial that the UK’s enforcement agencies and police forces are equipped and trained to deal with such situations.

This dynamic centre will incorporate other training opportunities for Police, other emergency services and partner agencies.

The local economy will benefit greatly from the development of the centre in terms of employment opportunities and increased footfall in surrounding facilities.

The changing landscape of our local Policing is putting a great deal of pressure on the way in which our officers are currently trained.  This facility will provide our forces with the ability to conduct end-to-end training in a world leading, state of the art environment that will be an enormous asset to the county and country as a whole.

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